White kitchen allows you to transform the interior beyond recognition, make it minimalistic, spacious and ergonomic. The white kitchen will look great in the interior of a small apartment or a country house, since white allows you to visually expand the space in the room.

Factory furniture has recently become less popular among consumers.. The custom-made kitchen is of great interest to the majority of citizens., with which you can emphasize the individual style in the house and the excellent taste of its owner.

Why customization is better?

  • White kitchen set can be made in different designs, have a different shape, dimensions or configuration.

  • Clients' ideas come true, based on their own preferences.
  • An individual project kitchen has a unique author's design, so you won't see her in another house.
Кухня в белом цвете

My name is Alexander, I am the head of the company “ILOFT”. We have been making custom-made furniture in Kiev and the region for more than 5 years.
You can order any cuisine from us, from small and budget, to a premium kitchen with a choice of materials, fittings, manufacturing and assembly (full cycle).

Working with us you get:

  • information support at all stages of work;
  • joint development of a drawing, selection of materials, kitchen production and installation;
  • guarantee of order fulfillment within the agreed time frame (from 3 days);
  • guarantee of quality materials, fittings, mounting;
  • high quality build;
  • adequate cost of both materials and the work itself.

We will discuss the project?

    Examples of white kitchens

    элитный дизайн белой кухни-с-золотыми-ручками с черной столешницей

    Elite white kitchen design

    кухня с белыми фасадами

    Photo of a kitchen in a white style

    фото кухни в белом стиле

    Kitchen with white fronts

    кухня в белом цвете

    White kitchen with wood-look worktop

    Кухня в белом стиле

    Kitchen in white style

    белого цвета в интерьере, 1, Белые кухни на заказ в Киеве белая кухня в киеве

    White kitchen with wood worktop

    белых цветов, 2, Белые кухни на заказ в Киеве белая кухня в киеве

    Kitchen in white style

    белого цвета фото, 3, Белые кухни на заказ в Киеве белая кухня в киеве

    Kitchen in white style

    кухня белого цвета

    White kitchen

    купить белую кухню недорого

    Kitchen in white style

    белую кухню, 4, Белые кухни на заказ в Киеве белая кухня в киеве

    Kitchen in white style

    каталог белых кухонь

    White kitchens catalog

    дизайн кухни в белом стиле

    Kitchen design in white style

    белой кухни, 5, Белые кухни на заказ в Киеве белая кухня в киеве

    White kitchen design

    белая кухня без ручек

    White kitchen without handles

    варианты белых кухонь

    White kitchen options

    большая красивая белая кухня элит премиум

    Kitchen in white style

    бела кухня в комуналку, хрущевку

    White kitchen in a communal house, Khrushchev

    белая кухня в хрущевке

    White kitchen in a small apartment

    Белая маленькая кухня фото

    White kitchen in Khrushchev

    белая кухня с белой столешницей с фрезерованными ручками, без ручек

    White kitchen with white countertop without handles

    белая кухня дизайн фото

    Large white kitchen

    белая кухня в квартире

    White kitchen in the apartment

    белая кухня в интерьере

    White kitchen in the interior

    We can do for you:


    1-3 DAYS

    We take measurements and choose a style together with you, colors, quality.

    Calculate the cost


    7-20 DAYS

    We launch into production and carry out the assembly of a kitchen set.

    Calculate the cost


    1-5 DAYS

    We assemble the finished kitchen, if you have already bought it somewhere.

    Calculate the cost

    White kitchen design

    If you want to inexpensively equip the interior of your home in the original white style, making a kitchen in “ILOFT” is the best option for this. When designing a white kitchen, it is important not to be mistaken with the choice of a suitable design, what will determine your well-being during your stay in the room.

    The kitchen interior does not have to be made only in white colors.. The design may also contain objects of bright saturated or pastel shades., so that they do not merge with the general background. Snow-white headsets are appropriate for creating a stylish kitchen environment. You can find suitable compositions in styles such as loft, modern, Scandinavian and others.

    Materials (edit)

    Facades and hulls are made of a wide variety of materials. In the production of custom-made furniture, preference is given to finishes from certified MDF or chipboard with a matte or glossy finish.. Expensive products made of natural solid wood are of design value., which are distinguished by high-quality performance characteristics.


    It is extremely important to pay attention to the choice of furniture fittings, on which the functionality of the kitchen set depends. For ease of use, drawers and doors can be equipped with fittings with an automatic closer for smooth movement of mechanisms, advanced closing system or lighting.

    Дизайн белой кухни

    Order manufacturing kitchens in Kiev and the region

    View examples and order

    • Most durable materials
    • Kitchens will last more 25 years

    • Choice of any color of the kitchen

    • Customized design

    • Pay for work, and not for running meters

      Comment on the order

      We will contact you, let's calculate the cost, and in the future we will control all stages of furniture creation.

      Stages of work



      Online, or call
      Send a request



      froze, discussion of the project and cost


      3D model

      production of a model in 3D, sending you a video with the model



      from the specified materials and assembly


      Delivery of the project

      checking all mechanisms, cleaning

      Super! Quickly, clearly and qualitatively - I highly recommend.

      , 6, Белые кухни на заказ в Киеве белая кухня в киевеBogdan, Customer 24 December 2020
      Extremely professional and polite master. A good man. I will definitely order his services again.
      , 7, Белые кухни на заказ в Киеве белая кухня в киевеVadim, Customer 18 December 2020
      Very good master and person! Responsibly fulfilled his robot. Fast and high quality. Thank you for the robot! I recommend to everyone!
      , 8, Белые кухни на заказ в Киеве белая кухня в киевеMarina, Customer 16 December 2020
      Nice young man, initiative, professional in his field. I did everything on 100% without any jambs. Highly recommend!
      , 9, Белые кухни на заказ в Киеве белая кухня в киевеBogdan P., 22 september 2020
      The master arrived on time, did everything quickly and efficiently. Thank you!
      , 10, Белые кухни на заказ в Киеве белая кухня в киевеYuri, Customer 6 october 2020

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      Consultation and order: (068)888-70-41 Alexander

      Custom sizes

      We create beautiful and thoughtful white kitchens to order according to individual sketches of clients. When ordering a kitchen, you can provide your detailed drawing and discuss all the nuances of the future project, so that the manufactured furniture fully matches your tastes and interior features.

      In order to obtain accurate data, we will take the necessary measurements in an apartment or a private house, which will allow you to avoid inconsistencies in dimensions and harmoniously integrate the headset into the conditions of the renovated room.

      Where to order a kitchen in white?

      Кухня белого цвета

      The main principle of the company “ILOFT” is a high-quality execution of orders, therefore, you will receive a number of benefits after cooperation with us:

      • full cycle custom-made kitchens, starting from acquaintance with the project and ending with the installation of ready-made structures;

      • we are constantly working on the implementation of projects, to hand over the work on time;
      • purchasing materials for white kitchens from different suppliers allows us to form a large selection of components;
      • quality control and guarantee at all stages of production;

      • assembly of ready-made furniture purchased in the store.

      Just look at the photos of made white kitchens with examples of work and customer reviews, to understand, how responsibly we approach the execution of orders.

      Price and production time

      Average lead time is 7-21 days and is individual for each project.

      The cost of the services provided is formed under the influence of many factors, such as selected materials, volume and complexity of work. You can buy a white kitchen after a preliminary calculation of the cost. The final figure is called after a careful study of the project. Then the client makes an advance payment and we immediately get to work. Below is the estimated price for white kitchens.


      9000-25000 UAH
      • Small kitchen square

      • Simple solutions

      • Middle segment materials

      To order


      18000 — 60000 UAH
      • Medium and large kitchen

      • Cool and reliable hardware

      • High quality materials

      To order


      from 50000-200000 UAH
      • For large quadrature

      • Cool and reliable hardware

      • With the finest materials

      To order

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      1, 11, Белые кухни на заказ в Киеве белая кухня в киеве

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        We will contact you, let's calculate the cost, and in the future we will control all stages of furniture creation.